Natural Medical Solution for Migraine Headaches


Living with migraines can feel debilitating having a huge impact on your quality of life. Many of the common treatments available come with a list of possible side effects. With our 100% natural approach to treating your migraine headache, we not only provide pain relief, but also address the triggers, working to prevent migraine episodes from occurring.

Our natural approach can help with the following types of migraines & headaches:

  • Primary or Secondary

  • Hormone-Related

  • Tension

  • Mixed

  • Chronic or episodic

  • Cluster syndrome

  • Ocular

  • Sinus

Our Personalized Holistic Medical Approach


We Address the Root Cause

Not all Migraines or Headaches are alike. We find and address the specific root cause of your pain. This is why our approach has helped so many find relief even after having spent years experimenting with other therapies. We’ve had success helping people with a long family history of chronic migraines, helping them to find significant, lasting relief.


We Help Awaken Your Body’s Natural Healing Systems

Despite what you may have been led to believe, your body is NOT broken. Your body is built with its own innate natural repair system that works to fix your imbalances and pain. Our therapies help to reactivate those internal healing mechanisms.


We Keep it Simple

Healing your body and eliminating your migraines does not have to be difficult. Using simple targeted lifestyle and nutritional changes in combination with our focused and customized natural therapies, we are able to clearly and concisely address your migraines.


We Use An All Natural Approach Your Doctor May Not Know About

If you’ve been told by your doctor or primary care provider that you must live with your migraines indefinitely, that does not mean that treatment options aren’t available. Often times we find that people who haven’t responded well to conventional treatments respond very well to our natural approach.

Our Simple Process

Step 1

At your free initial consultation, we will discuss your case, your medical history, and most importantly, we discuss your health goals. We want to be certain that our program meets your needs and that there is a high probability of success for you before we move forward to the next step.

Step 2

Once we agree to move forward, your next step is the Intake appointment. Here we do a detailed assessment of your symptom pattern, medical history, current medications you may be taking, and other factors to help diagnose and determine the root cause of your symptoms. This visit also includes your first acupuncture session. You will also be given an easy-to-follow, customized treatment program which includes nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, as well as key supplements and herbal medicines to address the root of your migraines. 

Step 3

You’ll return for weekly visits to ensure close support as you begin to feel the positive shifts of the therapy. Weekly visits will include an evaluation, ongoing coaching, and an acupuncture treatment. With regular visits and check-ins, we can ensure your treatment is rebalancing in a way that gives you ongoing and optimal migraine pain relief. 

Step 4

Once we see stable improvements, we will begin to reduce the frequency of visits. This usually occurs after about 8-12 visits. We will space out your maintenance visits according to your needs until your body is in place where you no longer need regular treatments. We are always available for periodic “tune-up’s” or if you’d like to address other health concerns. Many of our patients choose to continue with ongoing maintenance treatments as-needed, which we are more than happy to accommodate should that be your wish.


*Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied. Results will depend on many factors*

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Shawne is a California Board Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist, and Certified Massage Therapist. She is a strong believer in an integrative medical approach, with the patient being the leader of their own healthcare team.


For the last 6 years, I have been suffering with chronic back and neck pain and chronic migraines… It’s been over 2 years since my first visit and my life has never been the same. Dr. Shawne is a miracle worker. Her knowledge and healing abilities have been life changing. She has been able to give me back my life. I no longer take any pain meds and only addicted to coming in weekly, yes weekly. I always feel calm, relaxed and my chronic pain is minimal when I leave this office.
— Rose C.
I really love how knowledgeable and accurate Shawne is in her work. I suffer from migraines, anxiety, stress, sports injuries and feel a huge difference after seeing her… This science is like second nature to her. I love how gentle she is with the needles, her knowledge of acupuncture/medicine, kindness and honesty - definitely seeing her again soon. If you’re unsure about acupuncture or have never tried it, she’s definitely your new go-to person. Thanks Shawne!
— Kathleen A.